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WILD magazine (Issue #183)


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Since 1981, Wild has been the inspiring voice of the Australian outdoors, and a passionate defender of its wild places. With stunning photography and crafted, well-written tales of adventure, conservation, and the outdoor life, Wild tells stories that matter.

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The Autumn 2022 edition (Issue #183) features a great range of stories, including:

  • It’s been 50 years since the tragic flooding of Lake Pedder, the jewel in the crown of Tasmania’s southwest wilderness. A piece co-written by Bob Brown, Christine Milne, and Tabatha Badger examines the history behind the dam, but also powerfully argues why the lake should be restored. There’s also some amazing archival imagery.
  • Alastair McDowell recounts the first attempt to climb all of New Zealand’s 3000+m peaks in a single push. It was an audacious piece of alpinism, one of historic significance.
  • Dan Slater tells the story of following enigmatic gear manufacturer Evan Howard as he paddles his way across Tasmania’s iconic Western Arthurs.
  • Alex Parson’s harrowing tale of courage and survival after being bitten by a snake while rafting WA’s Martuwarra/Fitzroy River.
  • Catherine Lawson’s far more soothing account of spending four days circuiting NT’s Tabletop Track in Litchfield NP.
  • Belinda Sokolowski’s story of heading off with her family, which included her toddler daughter, to tackle the entirety of Australia’s 5,330km National Trail.
  • There’s also a profile on long-distance adventurer Brad McCartney and the incredible odds he overcame; a beautiful photo essay on Kosciuszko NP’s high-country huts; and loads more.

About Wild magazine:

Wild is adventure. Wild is conservation. Wild is wilderness. For more than 40 years, Wild has been the inspiring voice of the Australian outdoors. Wild is self-reliance and challenge and sometimes doing it tough. While Wild is not necessarily hard-core, what it certainly is not is soft-core. It is not glamping. It is not about being pampered while experiencing the outdoors. Wild does not speak down to experienced adventurers. Although Wild is not inaccessible to those just starting out in the outdoors, our primary focus is on those with some level of experience. Every adventurer is only a beginner once in their outdoors career; for the next 30 or 40 years, they want material that speaks to them, not simplistic content aimed at the lowest common denominator. Wild does not look on conservation as a mere marketing tool. For nearly four decades, Wild has actively and fiercely fought for the environment. Campaigning to protect our wild places is part of our DNA. Lastly, Wild is about telling stories that matter, stories that resonate with our readers. Wild is about deep engagement. It is about inspiration. It is about passion.

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