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Rock Exotica

Founded in 1987, Rock Exotica has a hard-won reputation for producing innovative technical equipment of exceptional quality.

In an era when many companies outsource production to low-cost countries, Rock Exotica ensures the highest standards by manufacturing everything in-house at their facility in Utah.

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  • $89.95

    Designed to be the most versatile rigging and abseiling tool available, the Totem is not only a great descender, it can be used to rig releasable anchors, as a belay device, a rigging plate, a progress capture, and to ascend a rope.

  • Sale!
    Original price was: $87.95.Current price is: $79.16.

    The MiniEight is a horned figure 8 which provides a range of variable friction settings in an extremely compact, lightweight form. Ideal as a backup device or on remote adventures where every gram counts.