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Phone: +61 404 273 313

Address: 88 Farm Road, Springwood NSW Australia 2777

Feel free to email, text or call if you have a question about a product, are having issues with the website, or want to arrange a time to visit the store in person. I’m also happy to assist with tracking down items that aren’t sold in Australia, as well as arranging special offers on bulk orders or on behalf of an outdoor club or organisation.

I try to respond as soon as possible, although please understand that if I’m off canyoning (fingers crossed) or just busy paying the bills with my day job, it may take a little while to get back to you.

For general questions about equipment selection or canyoning techniques, consider posting your question to the Canyoning Australia forum. I will still respond, but you’ll also benefit from the insights of other experienced canyoners. Unlike individual emails and conversations, these publicly-accessible discussions will hopefully add to the pool of knowledge available to the broader canyoning community.