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With a manufacturing history that dates back nearly 200 years, Kong continues to produce the highest quality personal protective equipment.

Every product is designed and made in their factory in Italy, with each piece visually inspected and robotically tested to ensure all items are strong, safe, and function as designed.

More info:

  • $20.00

    The Kong Slyde is an incredibly handy self-locking plate that allows you to create your own adjustable safety lanyard that is lightweight, compact, and affordable.

  • $18.50

    As the name suggests, this is a classic figure of eight style descender. It’s an affordable, light-weight device also used for rigging releasable contingency anchors.

  • $54.95

    Taking inspiration from a classic rack-style device, the Hydrobot’s central bar removes the need to undo a carabiner when getting on and off rope as well as ensuring the rope runs in a straight line, reducing twist.