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Sterling have been making the highest quality, most innovative static and dynamic rope and cord for three decades.

They were the first company to offer a 100% polyester static rope, which revolutionised canyoning, and also pioneered the use of highly abrasion resistant Technora fibre.

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  • $68.00

    A versatile personal anchor system, the Chain Reactor not only acts as an adjustable safety tether, it can also be used to extend an abseil device, as a foot loop when ascending, or to hang a rope bag while abseiling.

  • $5.25$5.40

    Constructed from 100% high tenacity polyester (hence the name), HTP utilises a twisted core to produce a strong and truly static rope. The sheath remains supple and easy to handle, even after extensive use, while retaining exceptionally UV and abrasion resistance.

  • $85.00

    The ATS incorporates the best parts of a tube or plate device with a horned Figure 8 style device, allowing a choice of preset friction levels which can be easily added to while abseiling.

  • $4.60

    The single-shot biodegradable technical wash effectively removes harmful dirt and grit, helping your ropes last longer and perform better.