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Kong Gi-Gi belay plate


The Gi-Gi is an extremely versatile tool with an almost infinite number of applications.

These include rigging releasable abseils, creating isolated abseil and belay lines, as an autolocking belay device, a spare descender, a progress capture for hauling and even an emergency ascender.

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The Kong Gi-Gi is a compact and lightweight rigging tool that can be used to rig releasable contingency anchors, allowing you to quickly respond to challenges such as the rope not reaching the ground, someone’s hair or clothing getting caught in their descender, or someone becoming incapacitated while on rope.

The hot-forged aluminium friction plate can be used with single, double and twin ropes. As well as being useful for releasable anchors, it can be used to belay one or two people independently, as a spare abseil device, and even as a progress capture for ascending or as part of a simple 3 to 1 haul.

When belaying two people, the raised central rib acts as a fulcrum, meaning one rope can self-lock following a fall while the rope on the other side is still free to slide.

Can be used with ropes between 8mm and 13mm in diametre.

Key advantages:

  • Lightweight tool with a huge number of potential uses
  • Ideal for rigging quick, secure, releasable canyon anchors
  • Can be used to abseil, belay, haul, and ascend

Product information:

  • Weight: 68 grams
  • Material: aluminum
  • Dimensions: 113mm long, 50mm wide, 13mm thick
  • Made in: Italy