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Kong Slyde


The Kong Slyde is an incredibly handy self-locking plate that allows you to create your own adjustable safety lanyard that is lightweight, compact, and affordable.

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The Kong Slyde is a self-locking plate that can be used as a lightweight, compact, and affordable adjustable safety lanyard.

Combine the Slyde with an appropriate locking carabiner and a short length of rope, rig it as shown in the video below, and you are ready to securely clip in to abseil anchors.

The ability to easily adjust lanyard length ensures there is no slack in the system, reducing the potential for shock loading the anchor if you do slip or fall.

Because the design allows a small amount of rope to slide through when it is shock loaded, the Slyde also act as a shock absorber, reducing the forces involved in a fall.

To maximise its ability to absorb shock loads, we recommend combining the Slyde with a short length of Cousin Trestec Optima 8.9mm dynamic rope. (Two metres is adequate to produce a single adjustable lanyard, but a longer length is needed if you wish to have an additional short, fixed length lanyard, or a longer adjustable length.)

If using your own rope, Kong recommends the Slyde be used with a rope of between 9 and 10mm in diametre. This assumes the use of a soft dynamic rope. If using stiffer canyoning rope you may need to use a slightly thinner diametre to allow it to adjust easily.

(Note: Always ensure that there are appropriate knots in both ends of the rope running through the Slyde. It is recommended that the end attached to the belay loop of your harness be tied with a re-threaded figure-of-eight knot. Also ensure you tie a secure stopper knot in the free end of the rope to ensure it can’t accidentally run through the Slyde.)

Key advantages:

  • adjustable self-locking safety lanyard
  • affordable personal anchor system
  • light-weight, compact, and very strong
  • able to absorb force when shock loaded

Product information:

  • Breaking strength: 2500kg
  • Weight: 44g
  • Material: Anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 62mm long, 49mm wide, 9mm thick
  • Made in: Italy