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Mountains Mishaps by Christopher Webber


Mountains Mishaps brings together the stories of hundreds of searches, rescues, injuries and deaths that have occurred during outdoor adventures in the Blue Mountains.

With a chapter devoted to canyoning incidents, the book aims to share these lessons from the past to improve safety and prevent future accidents.

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Mountains Mishaps: Death and Misadventure in the Blue Mountains of NSW brings together the stories of search and rescue operations and other significant incidents that have taken place in the region.

The book covers 620 incidents and 435 deaths across 12 chapters, including one entirely devoted to canyoning.

The goal of Mountain Mishaps isn’t just to report on past events, but to reduce the number of rescues, injuries and deaths by providing useful information that helps outdoor enthusiasts improve their own safety.

While the focus is on incidents that occur in the bush, the book also includes some of the more remarkable incidents that have occurred on the roads, in the air, and on the railways.

About the author:

Christopher Webber has been bushwalking for more than 50 years and has been a member of the State Emergency Service (SES) for 25 years. He has been personally involved in many searches for missing persons, along with other dramatic events described in the book.

Product details:

  • 434 pages, including more than 200 photographs and 15 maps
  • 255 mm x 205mm