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Canyoning around Victoria by Robert Springer and Sam Thompson


With beautiful colour photos, precise canyon topos and maps, and detailed descriptions of 45 exciting adventures, this is the definitive guidebook for those interested in canyoning in Victoria.

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Following years of exploratory adventures by an intrepid band of canyoners, the first edition of A Comprehensive Guide to Canyoning around Victoria is now available.

This A4 hardcover volume is beautifully presented, mixing stunning full-page colour images with detailed canyon descriptions, topos, and maps.

Across 200 pages, descriptions are provided for 45 exciting canyoning adventures throughout the state and surrounding regions, providing inspiration and helping visitors get the most out of their own trips.

The guide also includes several instructional pages on canyoning best practice and region descriptions.

Below are a couple videos from the authors that capture some of the canyoning adventures on offer around Victoria.