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Canyoning Technical Manual by Grant Prattley

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An essential guide for canyoners looking to expand their ropework and rescue skills, with a particular focus on the additional challenges posed by aquatic canyons.

New stock: 2024 reprint featuring minor updates.

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The Canyoning Technical Manual is an essential guide for anyone interested in learning more advanced rigging, ropework, and rescue techniques, specifically suited to use in canyons.

Updated and reprinted in 2024, this 198 page, full colour book is particularly beneficial to those looking to develop the specialist skills required to safely descend aquatic canyons, where whitewater, hydraulics, and other hazards are involved.

Written and illustrated by Grant Prattley (professional instructor who specialises in vertical rescue in caves and canyons), it also includes contributions from Daniel Clearwater (author of the Canyoning in New Zealand guidebook and founder of the New Zealand Canyoning Association).

With a focus on being accessible to recreational canyoners, particularly those considering canyoning in NZ, it contains more than 200 detailed drawings that clearly illustrate the techniques outlined.

Chapters cover topics including trip planning, equipment, teamwork, water hazards, abseiling, ascending, knotcraft, anchors, pitch setup, pitch rigging, passing a knot, belaying, lowering and raising.

No matter your skill level, this manual contains information and advice that can make any canyoning trip safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.