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    An essential guide for canyoners looking to expand their ropework and rescue skills, with a particular focus on the additional challenges posed by aquatic canyons. New stock: 2024 reprint featuring minor updates.

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    A practical and easy to reference field guide written specifically for those engaging in backcountry rope rescue. The compact size and use of waterproof paper make it easy to carry when undertaking training exercises or during actual rescues. This book is useful for advanced canyoners wishing to expand their vertical…

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    With beautiful colour photos, precise canyon topos and maps, and detailed descriptions of 45 exciting adventures, this is the definitive guidebook for those interested in canyoning in Victoria.

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    This is the definitive guidebook to New Zealand’s canyons, containing more than 50 detailed canyon descriptions, beautiful photographs, maps, and a range of information vital for trip planning.

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    Mountains Mishaps brings together the stories of hundreds of searches, rescues, injuries and deaths that have occurred during outdoor adventures in the Blue Mountains. With a chapter devoted to canyoning incidents, the book aims to share these lessons from the past to improve safety and prevent future accidents.

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    Rick Jamieson’s Canyons Near Sydney remains the only printed guidebook covering the spectacular sandstone canyons of the Blue Mountains. Over 96 pages it provides detailed notes for around a hundred canyons, with shorter entries or simple grid references for dozens more. Note: This book is out of print. Rick’s son is looking…