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BG Gear Smooth Sac


The Smooth Sac is a compact fabric and mesh pouch designed specifically for managing the small diameter pull cords used with retrievable anchor systems. It was designed as a companion to the BG Gear Smooth Operator, but will work well with any releasable anchor system that utilises thin release cords.

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Key features:

  • fold-over-flap allows quick opening and closing with no dangling drawstrings
  • no zippers, buttons, velcro, drawstrings or any other fasteners that may fail
  • flat shape stores easily and prevents rolling
  • 1000D nylon and rugged mesh for durability and rapid drainage
  • large inner-handle and small inner tie-in loop both positioned high inside and on opposite sides for easy access, fast identification and quick confirmation the release cord is tied in.
  • large outer handle for easy carry and minimised snagging.

Product information:

  • Materials: 1000D nylon and rugged mesh
  • Made in: United States


  • Weight: 83g
  • Dimensions: 230mm wide by 215mm long
  • Capacity: 40m comfortably full, 55m overstuffed


  • Weight: 102g
  • Dimensions: 250mm wide by 250mm long
  • Capacity: 60m comfortably full, 85m overstuffed


  • Weight: 120g
  • Dimensions: 308mm wide by 250mm long
  • Capacity: 100m comfortably full, 150m overstuffed

Note on capacity: Dyneema / UHMWPE pull cords can vary in diametre from the manufacturers advertised size. Many that are sold as 3mm are actually closer to 3.5mm, which makes them take up substantially more space. The above capacity figures from BG Gear are based on Samson Amsteel-Blue, which is actually approximately 3.3mm in diametre. The Marlow Dyneema pull cords are true to their quoted dimensions, so if using the 3.5mm the capacity is approximately as listed, while the 3mm can comfortably fit a cord that is approximately 50% longer.

Using the Smooth Sac:

To load the Smooth Sac, tie one end of the release cord to the inner tie-in loop, stuff release cord into Smooth Sac, tie remaining end to inner handle then fold the flap over. Optionally a Smooth Operator can be left tied to the end of the release cord and stored inside the Smooth Sac along with the release cord if desired.

When closing the Smooth Sac, it is common for people to want to fold the flap over then try to work the material into a smooth organized shape. The trick to finishing off the closure of the Smooth Sac is a little fun once you try it a few times. Fold the flap over to the Smooth Sac and do not worry about making it neat. Next grab the outer handle with both hands and briskly yank outward to both sides and watch the flap magically smooth out into a neat and tidy closed flap.

The capacity information lists the comfortably full and overstuffed recommendations when using 1/8 inch (3.3mm) Dyneema release cord. Comfortably full means the bag works well with this quantity of release cord. Overstuffed means you can get this amount of release cord in the Smooth Sac but it will take more effort to operate the fold-over-flap. The overstuffed capacity can be exceeded, but operating the fold-over-flap will be difficult.

Additional information:

PDF instructions on stuffing the Smooth Sac

Supplemental information on using the Smooth Sac