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Samson Amsteel-Blue 3.3mm Dyneema pull cord


Samson Amsteel-Blue is a lightweight, tough, abrasion resistant, floating rope that is exceptionally strong (average breaking strength of 1,100kgs). This has been the pull cord of choice for use with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors in the United States, where the technique was pioneered.

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Samson AmSteel-Blue is a 12-strand single braid rope woven from SK78 Dyneema. The addition of a Samthane urethane coating adds up to 30 per cent to the abrasion resistance of the rope.

It is ideally suited for canyon environments as it floats, is naturally resistant to degradation caused by water or UV exposure, has exceptional abrasion and cut resistance, and is lightweight and compact.

We stock it in high-visibility yellow, making it easier to deploy and manage in dark canyon environments.

The use of genuine Dyneema fibres, combined with a tighter weave and the Samthene coating, makes this pull cord stronger and longer-lasting than many alternatives.

Key advantages:

  • as strong as a steel cable of the same diametre
  • exceptional abrasion resistance
  • floats on water
  • extremely low stretch
  • easy to manage, lightweight, and compact
  • bright yellow colour improves visibility

Product information:

  • Weight: 7.4 grams per metre
  • Materials: Dyneema SK78 with Samthane coating
  • Average breaking strength: 1,100kgs
  • Diametre: 3.3mm
  • Made in: United States

Further information:

Samson manufactures this rope using Dyneema SK78 (an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, UHMWPE). The use of SK78, combined with a tighter weave and Samthane coating, means Amsteel-Blue has up to 30 per cent higher breaking strength, and much better abrasion resistance, than many similar products.

Dyneema is produced by drawing fibres from a gel, producing extremely long molecular chains. It is up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis. Because this exceptional strength is achieved with much less material than other rope products, Dyneema delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength.

Note: Thin cord can bite into your hand during a hard pull. Consider wearing gloves or attaching a carabiner to the pull cord with an appropriate hitch when undertaking challenging pull downs. The exceptionally low friction of Dyneema fibres can cause some types of knots to slip. The low melting point of Dyneema makes it unsuitable to abseil on directly, even in an emergency.