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BG Gear

BG Gear is the handiwork of Luke Galyan, an extremely experienced canyoneer from the US.

He developed the innovative Sqwurel descender, which utilises a tail to provide extremely flexible friction settings. He’s also an active developer of ghosting techniques and equipment, including the popular Smooth Operator toggle.

More info:

  • $100.00

    Thanks to a unique tail, this canyon-specific descender provides a range of secure friction adjustments that can quickly and easily be made while abseiling. The design also significantly reduces rope twist compared to other horned figure-8 style descenders. Note: Due to skyrocketing aluminum prices, the Sqwurel is only being produced…

  • $40.00

    The Smooth Operator is a fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor system that allows an abseil rope to be retrieved after abseiling without leaving a sling or other anchor material behind. Trees, rocks, arches, existing anchors and other creative anchor options can all be used.

  • $50.00$54.00

    The Smooth Sac is a compact fabric and mesh pouch designed specifically for managing the small diameter pull cords used with retrievable anchor systems. It was designed as a companion to the BG Gear Smooth Operator, but will work well with any releasable anchor system that utilises thin release cords.