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Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash

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The single-shot biodegradable technical wash effectively removes harmful dirt and grit, helping your ropes last longer and perform better.

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Over time, dirt and grit work their way into the sheath of your rope, causing damage to the fibres.

Removing these particles can help extend the lifespan of your canyoning rope.

Sterling Rope developed the Wicked Good Rope Wash to extend rope life by effectively removing dirt without using chemicals from common laundry detergents (such as bleach, phosphate, fabric softener, brightener, or scent) which can cause damage rope fibres.

Sterling recommends that you wash ropes after approximately 30 to 40 uses, or once they have excessive dirt throughout the sheath.

Wicked Good Rope Wash will restore and enhance rope performance and won’t affect previously applied treatments (although it will not restore dry treatment of well-worn ropes).

Can be used in conjunction with the Beal Rope Washing Brush for a thorough clean.

Product information:

  • Packet size: 24ml
  • Made in: United States


Machine washing: “Daisy chain” the rope prior to washing or tie ends together to reduce kinking and tangles. Use one package per rope in warm water or delicate cycle. Place rope in machine (avoid top-loading washing machines with agitators as the rope can become tangled) after water has mixed slightly with Rope Wash. Rinse on delicate cycle with cold water.

Hand washing: Use one package per rope. Combine packet in at least 15 litres of warm water. Flake rope into wash until submerged. Soak at least 30 minutes to allow for maximum penetration. Agitate rope vigorously for 5 minutes. Drain and refill container with warm water, agitate rope for 2 minutes. Repeat rinse with cold water until water runs clear to ensure all Rope Wash is removed.

Drying: Hang to dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Rope may take up to 48 hours to dry. Using a fan or dehumidifier may decrease drying time.