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Beal Rope Washing Brush


Clean ropes last longer and perform better. The Beal Rope Washing Brush is a handy tool that helps you effectively remove harmful dirt and grit.

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Over time, dirt and grit work their way into the sheath of canyoning ropes, causing damage to the fibres.

Cleaning your ropes will not only make them last longer, it can reduce abrasive wear on abseiling gear, including descenders and carabiners.

The Beal Rope Washing Brush was specifically created for climbing and abseiling ropes, making it quicker and easier to achieve a thorough clean.

The brush adapts easily to common rope diametres.

Simply twist the brush onto the rope, then run the rope through the brush while holding it firmly under water.

Can be used in conjunction with the Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash for a thorough clean.

Weight 56 g