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Petzl Attache screw lock (2024 version)

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Updated in 2024, the Petzl Attache is an ultra-light screw lock carabiner that provides the strength, performance, and versatility of a full-size HMS carabiner at a substantially lower weight.

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The Petzl Attache screw lock is an ultralight pear-shaped screw-lock carabiner with a round-stock basket to ensure ropes move smoothly across the surface.

The design combines a H-shaped frame — which reduces the overall weight while retaining strength — with a round stock at the point where ropes run across the surface of the carabiner. This allows smooth rope movement, better abrasion resistance, a longer lifespan, and prevents sharp edges forming.

The keylock gate helps prevent the carabiner from snagging during use, while the gate features a visual indicator that makes it obvious when it hasn’t been securely shut.

Suitable for a range of uses, including as a primary attachment for a canyoning descender, belaying with Munter hitch, and a range of other rigging and rescue settings.

Note: The Attache Bar accessory (sold separately) can be added to the carabiner to prevent accidental cross-loading.

Key features:

  • Round stock at top for smooth rope movement and reduced wear
  • partial H-shaped frame cuts weight while retaining strength
  • red indicator makes it easy to see that carabiner is unlocked
  • keylock system helps avoid snags

Product information:

  • Weight: 58 grams
  • Material:¬†aluminium
  • Dimensions: 103mm long, 69mm wide
  • Gate opening: 23mm
  • Major axis strength: 21kN
  • Minor axis strength: 7kN
  • Open gate strength: 6kN
  • Certification: CE EN 12275 type H, UIAA
  • Made in: France