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Fiddlestick Quickdraw


A lightweight tool designed specifically for use with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors with end holes. It provides a safe and effective way to close the system, preventing accidental release, without using up working carabiners.

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The fiddlestick quickdraw is designed to be used with a Smooth Operator or other fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor that has holes at either end.

When rigging this kind of fiddlestick, the usual practice is to insert a carabiner at each end and connect them to the rope strands above. This is a safe and effective method, but given the person who rigs the anchor is rarely the last person down, those carabiners quickly migrate to other people’s harnesses, often leaving you short of working carabiners on subsequent drops.

The fiddlestick quickdraw is a lightweight, effective solution to this problem. It combines two Mad Rock Bottlenose Bent keylock carabiners with a 22kN rated nylon dogbone. The entire quickdraw is lighter than two locking carabiners.

The wide gate openings make clipping into the fiddlestick extremely easy. They quickdraw creates a closed system that can’t be accidentally released. Not being clipped into the abseil rope above the fiddlestick also makes them much easier for the last person to remove, particularly if they get on rope / load the system before doing so.

Best of all, the quickdraw is easy to visually identify, so it doesn’t get left on people’s gear loops. I clip mine back onto the pullcord bag when packing the fiddlestick away at the bottom of the drop, ensuring the two always remain together.

Key features:

  • Designed to work with the Smooth Operator or other fiddlesticks with end holes
  • Easier to connect and remove, especially when the rope is loaded
  • Lighter than the alternative of two locking carabiners
  • Easy to visually identify, can be kept with the fiddlestick at all times
  • Creates a closed system which can’t be accidentally released
  • Fully rated carabiners and dogbone

Product information:

  • Weight: 104 grams
  • Materials: aluminium carabiners, nylon dogbone
  • Dimensions: 320mm long, 62mm wide
  • Gate opening: 26mm
  • Major axis strength: 24kN carabiners, 22kN dogbone