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  • $37.50$44.00

    Combine your choice of compact, full-strength locking carabiners with a heavy duty nylon dogbone to produce a rigging tool with a range of uses.

  • $35.00

    A lightweight tool designed specifically for use with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors with end holes. It provides a safe and effective way to close the system, preventing accidental release, without using up working carabiners.

  • $8.60$9.30

    This chunky nylon dogbone is perfect for creating your own hard-wearing quickdraws. The design makes it much stiffer than Dyneema dogbones, while retaining an impressive 22kN breaking strength. Note: Combine with Mad Rock Protector quickdraw retainers to protect the high-wear attachment points and hold connectors securely in position.

  • $1.65

    A flexible rubber protector / retainer that not only protects the high-wear area where the carabiner and dogbone connect, it holds the carabiner securely in place. Note: this large size is designed to work with the Mad Rock Connector dogbone. It will fit other dogbones where the sling is 15-20mm…