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Restop 2 Toilet-To-Go waste management system

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This “wag bag” is a compact, light-weight kit for managing human waste when nature calls in a canyon or other environmentally sensitive area.

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Knowing how and where to poo in the bush is essential for protecting sensitive environments, avoiding contaminating water sources, and keeping our canyons pristine for other visitors.

The Restop 2 is a light-weight kit designed for when nature calls at a particularly inconvenient time, forcing you to do a “number two” when there’s nowhere appropriate to bury the waste. It allows human waste to be carried out of sensitive areas in a secure, clean, non-stinky way.

The large, secure foil zip lock bag keeps everything upright, for hands-free use. Inside is a plastic bag which contains a small amount of moisture and odour absorbent material. Also included is toilet paper and an anti-bacterial wipe so you can clean up after use.

Once you finish your business, tie off the plastic bag and seal up the heavy duty zip lock on the outer foil bag. Your poo will be kept safe until you finish the trip and toss it in a rubbish bin.

Note: the Restop is not waterproof. We recommended storing it somewhere that prevents it getting wet, such as in a small zip lock bag inside your drybag or with your first aid kit.

Key features:

  • light-weight, compact, and easy to use
  • contains everything you need, including toilet paper and anti-bacterial wipe
  • holds contents securely, with no odour or leakage
  • helps protect canyons and other sensitive environments

Product information:

Weight: 86 grams
Dimentions: 153mm long, 78mm wide, 41mm thick