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On Rope Canyoneering Hoodoo-SL descender


An advanced horned Figure 8 canyoning descender, the Hoodoo offers a broad range of settings that allow you to fine tune your friction while abseiling, dealing with a diverse range of weights and rope types.

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Developed specifically for canyoners, the Hoodoo-SL delivers a broad range of friction settings that can be preset and easily added to while abseiling.

It is perfect for single rope techniques, especially on thinner, faster ropes, and the range of friction settings make it suitable for any canyoner, regardless of weight.

The Hoodoo is extremely easy to lock off when needed, with a fast, secure, natural move. It is also easy to release. This makes it ideal for use as a releasable contingency system.

The gigi slot allows the device to be used as an auto-locking belay or as part of an ascending setup.

As a symmetrical device, the Hoodoo not only allows you to abseil drops left or right handed without unclipping from your harness, it will also last twice as long (simply flip it after each use to evenly spread wear to both sides).

Key advantages:

  • provides a range of friction settings which can be easily added to while abseiling
  • symmetrical design makes it last twice as long
  • design prevents carabiner cross-loading or accidental loss of device
  • gigi slot for belaying or ascending
  • Suitable for single or double ropes from 8 to 10 millimetres in diameter

Product information:

  • Weight: 122 grams
  • Material: anodised 7075 aluminium
  • Dimensions: 124mm long, 94mm wide
  • Made in: United States

Rigging instructions: Hoodoo SL User Manual