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Imlay Canyon Gear 8.3mm Canyon Fire rope (per metre)

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Designed specifically for abrasive sandstone canyons, the sheath heavy Canyon Fire packs the strength and abrasion resistance of a thicker rope into a truly static, compact, lightweight rope.

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Imlay ropes are designed specifically for abrasive sandstone canyons, with a thicker-than-usual sheath and tighter weave resulting in an extremely rugged rope.

The 8.3mm Canyon Fire is essentially an 8mm rope wrapped in the same volume of sheath fibres as a 9mm rope (the sheath makes up 60 per cent of the rope by volume), resulting in a tough yet compact abseiling rope.

Imlay ropes are constructed of 100 per cent polyester, delivering a truly static rope which reduces wear by eliminating the “bounce” experienced with many semi-static canyoning ropes. The result is an affordable rope that utilises clever design rather than fancy fibres to provide exceptional durability.

Key advantages:

  • sheath heavy design delivers longer lifespan
  • truly static due to 100 per cent polyester construction
  • tightly woven sheath delivers greater durability
  • less than 1 per cent stretch at body-weight loading
  • resists water absorption and retains strength when wet
  • lightweight and compact

Product information:

  • Breaking strength: 18.5 kN
  • Weight: 57.4 grams per metre
  • Materials: Polyester core / Polyester sheath
  • Sheath volume: 60%
  • Elongation (at 175kg): 1.2%
  • Dimensions: 8.3mm diametre
  • Made in: Canada

Further information:

Imlay canyoning ropes have been produced specifically for the challenging conditions posed by sandstone canyons. The brainchild of Tom Jones — an extremely experienced American canyoneer — these ropes not only perform well and last a long time, but are also very affordable.

Canyoning ropes must handle abrasion from rough and sharp edges, along with exposure to water, grit and grime. By utilising a tightly woven sheath, the load-bearing core of the rope is protected from grit, while also resisting the damage caused by rubbing against rough and sharp edges.

Imlay ropes are constructed of 100 per cent polyester. The advantage of polyester is that it is not only naturally hydrophobic (so it won’t absorb as much water), but is also a naturally static fibre, reducing abseil bounce and abrasion where the rope crosses an edge. (By comparison, Nylon fibres are naturally dynamic and also loosely bond to water molecules, not only becoming heavier but also losing strength in the process).

For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of different fibres used to manufacture canyoning ropes, check out T2’s article on what to look for when buying a canyoning rope.

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