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Cousin Trestec 5.5mm Pure Dyneema Cord (per metre)


Made from 100% Dyneema, this ultralight and hyperstatic cord is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant.

Ideal for use creating rock thread and V-thread anchors in canyons or caves, it can also be used to create foot loops for ascending.

Note: do not use to create prusiks due to Dyneema’s low melting point.

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Cousin Trestec Dyneema Cord 5.5 is an extremely strong, hyperstatic, abrasion resistant cord with an incredible 14.6 kN breaking strength.

Designed as an ultralight accessory cord for cavers and mountaineers, with uses including temporary anchors and the creation of foot loops for ascending, it is also ideally suited for use in rock thread or V-thread anchors in canyons.

A drilled thread in rock is a lower-impact way to create canyons anchors as an alternative to placing bolts in high-flow canyons. Where bolts may be damaged or destroyed by flood events, rock threads only require a drilled hole for the Dyneema cord which can be easily replaced. (For more details about rock threads and V-threads in a canyon setting, along with detailed testing of various similar products, check out Grant Prattley’s Rock Thread And V-Thread Testing.)

Note: tie loops or anchors using a triple fisherman’s knot for maximum strength.

Product information:

  • Breaking Strength: 14.6 kN
  • Weight:  15 grams per metre
  • Dimensions: 5.5mm diametre
  • Material: Dyneema sheath and core
  • Certification: EN 564
  • Made in: France