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Aspiring Dynamic Anchor Chain


A versatile personal anchor system, the Aspiring Dynamic Anchor Chain not only acts as an adjustable safety tether, it can be used to extend an abseil device, as a foot loop when ascending, or to hang a pack or rope bag while abseiling.

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The Aspiring Dynamic Anchor Chain an evolutionary step up from a standard anchor chain. By using loops of dynamic rope instead of Nylon or Dyneema webbing, the impact force from a fall is greatly reduced, helping prevent injury in the event of a fall.

Each independent loop is fully-rated to a breaking strength of 16kN, allowing it to be securely clipped to various lengths.

With strong, secure, individually rated loops, it can safely be used in a range of rigging and rescue settings. Other uses including as a foot loop when ascending, a temporary back-up for an anchor, to hang a pack or rope bag while abseiling, or to extend your abseil device.

Key advantages:

  • dynamic rope reduces the shock transmitted to the user in the event of a fall
  • provides a full strength extension of the tie in point of your harness
  • all loops are fully-rated and can be individually clipped
  • clip into an anchor quickly and securely

Product information:

  • Rated breaking strength of each loop: 16kN
  • Weight: 143g
  • Material: Nylon core and sheath
  • Made in: New Zealand
  • Certification: Complies with the static and dynamic testing requirements of UIAA 109. Complies to EN17520:2021 ( Personal belay lanyards)

Why you should use an Anchor Chain instead of a Daisy Chain:

Anchor chains were developed in response to safety issues with traditional daisy chains.

A daisy chain is a single loop of webbing, with small loops created along its length by bar tacking the webbing together at various intervals. While the full loop of webbing that makes up a daisy chain is fully rated, the intermediate bar tacks can fail at as little as 3kN.

There have been a number of accidents caused by people clipping a carabiner between two loops of a daisy chain.

Anchor chains remove this risk by utilising independent, fully-rated loops. This delivers a secure, full-strength connection regardless of which loop you clip into.