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Trango Regulock HMS Autolock


The Regulock HMS Autolock is ideally suited for use with canyoning descenders, with a smooth, large radius shape and a gate that automatically snaps shut.

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The Trango Regulock HMS Autolock is a style of carabiner ideally suited for use with canyoning descenders where the rope runs directly across the surface of the ‘biner.

The autolock opening can be used with one hand by twisting the gate clockwise and pushing it open. Once released it snaps firmly shut.

This carabiner provides excellent handling, durability and strength.

Because the top of the oval is rounded, the rope can run smoothly across the surface. This results in more even friction and prevents the formation of sharp edges, delivering a longer life-span.

Fits a range of popular canyoning descenders, including including the BG Gear SQWUREL, Imlay CRITR2, On Rope Hoodoo-SL, Sterling ATS, AustriAlpin No.Mad or Resonator 3000.


  • secure autolock gate automatically snaps shut
  • round profile provides longer life when coupled with a descender
  • design prevents creation of sharp edges
  • key-lock nose allows quick, snag-free operation
  • compatible with a range of popular descenders

Product information:

  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 91gm
  • Dimensions: 113mm long, 76mm wide, 23mm gate clearance
  • Closed gate strength: 23kN
  • Open gate strength: 7kN

Weight 94 g