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Sterling Chain Reactor


A versatile personal anchor system, the Chain Reactor not only acts as an adjustable safety tether, it can also be used to extend an abseil device, as a foot loop when ascending, or to hang a rope bag while abseiling.

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The Sterling Chain Reactor is a multi-functional personal anchor system, primarily used as a secure safety tether that can be clipped to length.

Each loop is fully-rated and can be individually clipped. The nylon webbing is naturally dynamic, reducing the impact force if you slip or fall.

The Chain Reactor has a range of other uses, including to extend an abseil device to allow a prusik back-up below, as a foot loop when ascending, to temporarily back up an anchor, and to hang a pack or rope bag while abseiling.

A half-twist in the sewn loop that attaches to the harness ensures the girth hitch ties cleanly.

This style of personal anchor system has replaced traditional daisy chain designs, which can fail at low loads if clipped between two loops.

The strong, secure, individually rated loops allow the Chain Reactor to be safely used in a range of rigging and rescue settings, limited only by your imagination.

Key advantages:

  • provides a full strength extension of the tie in point of your harness
  • all loops are fully-rated and can be individually clipped
  • clip into an anchor quickly and securely
  • nylon webbing absorbs force when shock loaded
  • extend your descender when using a prusik back-up

Product information:

  • Length: 104cm
  • Rated breaking strength end to end: 14kN
  • Rated breaking strength girth hitched to harness: 12kN
  • Weight: 90g
  • Material: nylon
  • Made in: United States