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Sterling 11mm HTP black (per metre)

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Constructed from 100% high tenacity polyester, this truly static rope has an incredible breaking strength of 30.5 kN.

The 11mm black version is ideal for use when constructing anchors in high-visitation canyons where its exceptional UV, water, and abrasion resistance ensure the longest possible lifespan.

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The Sterling HTP was the first 100% polyester static abseiling rope on the market, with the larger diametre versions used extensively in industrial settings.

The 11mm HTP is ideal for use when constructing anchors in high-visitation canyons, such as those that are commonly guided.

Polyester is an ideal anchor material as it is naturally hydrophobic, retains its full strength when wet, has exceptional UV-resistance, is genuinely static, and is highly abrasion resistant, ensuring the longest possible lifespan.

Note: The black colour not only reduces the visual impact of anchors, it improves the UV resistance of the rope, ensuring the longest possible lifespan before requiring replacement.

Product information:

  • Minimum breaking strength: 30.5 kN
  • Weight: 97 grams per metre
  • Materials: Polyester core / Polyester sheath
  • Elongation (at 136kg): 1.9%
  • Dimensions: 11mm diametre
  • Made in: United States