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Spring coiled lace


These spring coiled laces allow items like knives and whistles to be securely tethered to your helmet, harness or pack, ensuring items don’t get lost if dropped while in use.

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This spring coiled lace is a cheap, simple tool for securely attaching items to your harness, helmet or pack.

It is particularly useful for attaching a whistle to your helmet, or a knife to your harness or pack, ensuring you don’t lose them if they are dropped.

Coiled, the lanyard is only 15 cm long, yet it stretches to just over a metre (although tying knots at both ends reduces this length).

The coil keeps it more compact than accessory cord, making it less likely to snag or get tangled.

Available in a range of high-visibility colours.

Note: The cord is 4mm thick. Ensure the attachment hole on any items you wish to tether is large enough for it to fit.