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Sterling Rope End Labels

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Sterling Rope End Caps are heat-shrink tubes that allow you to label the ends of your canyoning ropes.

Each pack contains 6 labels. Using a permanent marker you can write key information on the labels, including rope length or date the rope entered service.

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Use these heat-shrink labels on the ends of new or cut ropes to record important information such as rope length and when the rope entered service.

Each packet contains 6 labels which can be set in place using a hair dryer or heat gun. Write on the labels with a permanent marker.

Available in two sizes: 5mm – 8mm and 9mm – 11mm. (For ropes between 8mm and 9mm in diametre, the smaller end labels are recommended.)

Product contents:

  • 6 x rope end caps
  • 1 x square of glue tape
  • instructions for application