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Rodcle Equipment Ala ad-Din


A simple yet innovative tool, the Ala ad-Din is a waterproof vinyl mat that folds into a kind of duffle bag, allowing you to keep your car clean while easily transporting wet and dirty gear at the end of a trip.

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The Rodcle Equipment Ala ad-Din is an innovative, practical tool that helps you manage wet, dirty, muddy gear at the end of a trip.

Made from hard wearing waterproof PVC fabric, in a couple simple steps the mat folds into a bag that securely transports your equipment.

Not only will it keep your car clean and dry, it makes it easier to carry everything inside when you get home.

The mat also acts as a ground sheet where you can change in and out of gear without getting your feet dirty.

The Ala ad-Din is perfect for any activity that sees you end up wet or dirty, whether it’s canyoning, caving, paddling, diving, or another outdoor adventure.

Note: The Ala ad-Din is designed to transport wet gear, not store it. Leaving items wet can lead to degradation or hygiene issues. Always dry your items properly before storing them.

Key features:

  • folds quickly and easily into a bag for carrying wet and dirty items
  • made from waterproof PVC fabric
  • strong handles for easy carrying
  • mat provides clean area to change in and out of gear

Product information:

  • Weight: 970 grams
  • Materials: high tenacity PVC vinyl fabric
  • Dimensions: 125cm long, 99cm wide
  • Made in: Spain

Instructions for use:

Click here for an instructional video.

Step 1: Place wet items in the centre of the mat.
Step 2: Bring the long sides to the centre, joining the two buckles. Tighten the straps so the contents are held firmly.
Step 3: Fold the corners in, then join the buckles from either end. Tighten this strap.
Step 4: Before carrying inside, drain any water by unfolding one of the four corners and tilting the bag.
Note: If you place your pack in the middle of the mat with the shoulder straps facing up, it is possible to carry the loaded Ala ad-Din on your back.

Weight 980 g