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Resonator 3000 descender

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The Resonator 3000 is not only an advanced canyoning descender offering a range of variable friction settings, it is also an innovative tool for rigging and rescue.

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The Resonator 3000 is an advanced descender that was designed specifically for use by canyoneers and technical search and rescue crews in the United States.

It combines a diverse range of features into a uniquely versatile device that is small enough to be used as a personal descender, while being invaluable in a range of advanced rigging and rescue scenarios.

The horns on the Resonator provide more that 30 possible variations to friction levels, allowing it to be finely tuned to abseil variables such as rope diametre, abseil length, and canyoner weight. Friction is easily added and removed mid-descent. This feature also allows it to be easily used for a tandem abseil with an injured person, or a rescue pick-off of a person who is stranded mid-abseil.

The twin gigi slots can be utilised to make it an inline device for double rope abseils, as part of an ascending setup, as an auto-locking belay, along with a range of other rigging techniques.

As a truly symmetrical device, the Resonator not only allows you to abseil drops left or right handed without unclipping from your harness, it will also last twice as long (simply flip it after each use to evenly spread wear to both sides).

While it is slightly larger than many canyon descenders, it remains remarkably light-weight, while the range of rigging and rescue applications it provides will allow you to carry less items on your harness.

(For those who are curious, the name is a reference to the fact that when struck with a ‘biner it produces a long, eerie sound at a frequency of approximately 3000Hz.)

Key advantages:

  • provides a huge range of friction settings that can be easily changed while on rope
  • ideal for use on single ropes, particularly with thinner canyon ropes (<9mm diametre)
  • can be used in a range of rigging and rescue settings
  • symmetrical design makes it last twice as long

Product information:

  • Weight: 176 grams
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminium
  • Dimensions: 139mm long, 120mm wide, 10mm thick
  • Made in: United States

Using the Resonator 3000 descender:

The Resonator 3000 is designed as an advanced descender for experienced canyoners with the skills and experience to utilise it. It is primarily used by Search & Rescue Technicians in the United States, but is becoming more popular with recreational canyoneers.

A basic summary of some of the ways it can be used, including some of the available friction modes, lock-off techniques, contingency, and rescue rigging options are outlined here.

Weight 176 g