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Mad Rock Ultra Tech Screw Gate


The Mad Rock Ultra Tech is an ideal accessory ‘biner, providing fully-rated strength in a lightweight, compact design.

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The Mad Rock Ultra Tech screw gate is a compact, light-weight, full-strength locking carabiner that offers exceptional value for money.

Manufactured from hot forged aluminium, the I-beam design allows weight to be minimised while achieving the same rated strength as full-size carabiners.

The keylock nose and no-snag gate ensure ease of use in any situation.

Ideally suited for carrying safety items on your harness, it will not only keep your gear secure but also provide a handy additional ‘biner suitable for a range of rigging and rescue scenarios.

(Note: Carabiners that utilise I-beam construction are not recommended for use with descenders where the rope runs directly across the ‘biner as they can suffer abrasive wear more quickly and develop sharp edges.)


  • compact, light-weight design
  • strong and fully-rated
  • secure screw lock gate
  • perfect for carrying spare gear while adding an extra rigging ‘biner to your harness

Product information:

  • Weight: 56gms
  • Material: aluminium
  • Dimensions: 95mm long, 55mm wide, 18mm gate clearance
  • Min. breaking load longitudinal axis: 26kN
  • Min. breaking load minor axis: 8kN