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Locked Brummel Eye Splice (for Dyneema pull cord)


Add a Locked Brummel Eye Splice to a custom length of Dyneema pull cord (simply purchase this in addition to the pull cord length of your choice). Ideal for use with fiddlestick-style toggles to increase strength and reduce the risk of snags.

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The use of a Locked Brummel Eye Splice is recommended to terminate the end of a Dyneema pull cord that attaches to a Smooth Operator or other fiddlestick-style toggle.

The splice creates a secure, low profile eye which can be easily girth hitched to your toggle, or to a Dyneema pull cord extender. It drastically increases the breaking strength of the pullcord, won’t slip under load, and provides a smoother profile to avoid potential snags.

Note: Order one Locked Brummel Eye Splice if purchasing a Dyneema pull cord, or two if you wish to create a Dyneema pull cord extender of a customised length.

I can also add an eye splice to your existing fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor kit.

Key advantages:

  • retains close to 100% of rope strength
  • lower profile and less likely to snag than a knot
  • creates eye that easily attaches to toggle or pull cord extender

Further information:

Manufacturers of 12-strand Dyneema ropes recommend the use of a splice instead of a knot for a number of reasons. Knots are not only bulky and unsightly, they can reduce the breaking strength of ropes by up to 60 per cent. Dyneema’s low friction can also cause knots to slip under load.

The following video covers the process of creating a Locked Brummel Eye Splice in 12-strand Dyneema rope. Further information about splicing Dyneema ropes yourself is available here.