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KTI Safety Alert personal locator beacon


This Australian-made personal locator beacon combines class-leading performance in a light-weight, compact, buoyant, watertight design, ensuring access to emergency services no matter how remote your adventure.

Out of stock: The Australian company that manufactured the Safety Alert PLB have announced they are winding down their operations. KTI have committed to continue providing warranty support. They have also announced that the Safety Alert will be taken over by Jotron, a global leader in safety communication products. We will provide an update once this product is available again.

Out of stock

KTI Safety Alert PLB (SA2GN) is a class-leading personal locator beacon that provides a fast, reliable way to seek assistance in an emergency, no matter where you are.

The light-weight, compact, buoyant, watertight design makes it perfectly suited for canyoners.

Despite weighing just 140 grams, the use of ultra-low current circuitry and a low-loss antenna ensures it can continue transmitting for a minimum of 24 hours, even at temperatures down to -20°C.

This PLB can last you for up to 20 years — three times longer than many competitors. The battery is guaranteed for 10 years, at which time you can send it to the Australian manufacturer to have a new battery installed. The manufacturer can also replace the battery and refurbish the PLB following an emergency activation, avoiding the need to buy a new unit.

When activated, the KTI Safety Alert PLB immediately begins transmitting an emergency signal on the 406MHz frequency to the COSPAS-SARSAT global search and rescue system. The system, which includes a network of polar orbiting and geostationary satellites, provides fast and accurate information to emergency services.

The 66 channel GPS receiver typically takes less than 35 seconds to acquire your position, accurate to 3 metres, and will continue to send position updates every 5 minutes. An additional homing signal is transmitted on the 121.5MHz frequency to assist emergency services with locating you.

The new SA2GN model includes an NFC interface that enables you to use a mobile phone to check important details like the battery replacement date, Serial Number, and HexID if they have been worn off the body of the PLB.

The KTI Safety Alert PLB comes with a padded case that can be attached to a belt or pack, a lanyard, and a signal mirror.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Self-buoyant and watertight to a depth of 3m
  • Simple one-hand activation
  • 20 year lifespan (with battery replacement after 10 years)

Product information:

  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Dimensions: 88mm high, 64mm wide, 31mm deep
  • Frequencies: 406.040MHz and 121.500MHz (homing signal)
  • GPS: 66 channel receiver, 5 minute position updates, accurate to 3m
  • Battery: LiFe02 (20 year shelf life, 10 year replacement)
  • Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT T.001 class II TAC 255, AS/NZS 4280.2
  • Warranty: 10 year parts and labour
  • Made in: Australia

Instructions: KTI Safety Alert SA2GN PLB manual 


Weight 330 g