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Kong Hydrobot descender


Taking inspiration from a classic rack-style device, the Hydrobot’s central bar removes the need to undo a carabiner when getting on and off rope as well as ensuring the rope runs in a straight line, reducing twist.


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A popular canyoning descender, the Kong Hydrobot uses a magnetic central bar to secure the rope in place, rather than have it run around a carabiner. Not only does this remove the risk of accidentally dropping the descender when getting on and off rope, particularly while swimming, but it also reduces rope twist.

A horn on the top and cut-away section below the central bar provide additional friction settings which can be added while abseiling.

The magnetic central bar also allows the Hydrobot to be rigged in an auto-locking mode. This can be used when belaying someone, or in conjunction with a prusik knot to ascend ropes.

The device can be reconfigured for left handed users by simply unscrewing the central bar and reinstalling it in the alternate direction.

Note: While Kong says the device can be used with single or double ropes between 6 and 12mm in diameter, it is best suited for use with 9 to 11mm ropes.

Key advantages:

  • inline design reduces rope twist
  • no need to undo carabiner to get on and off rope
  • magnet keeps central bar securely closed
  • friction can be added while on rope
  • auto-lock mode for belay or ascending

Product information:

  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 142mm long, 70mm wide
  • Maximum load: 22kN

User manual: Kong Hydrobot descender

Weight 200 g