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Fat Canyoners Knot Tying Kit


Compact and lightweight, this kit provides two lengths of contrasting 8mm cord that can travel with you anywhere, providing endless opportunities to learn and practice knots.

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Ropework is an integral part of canyoning safely.

There are a range of knots and hitches that are vital for common tasks such as joining ropes, building anchors, belaying and ascending. Others allow more advanced rigging, such as releasable anchors, hauling, and lowering.

Learning and practicing knot tying helps cement them in your memory, ensuring they can be quickly, safely, and reliably tied, even if you are cold, tired, or in a stressful emergency situation.

This kit is simply two lengths of 8mm cord in contrasting colours that can be used to practice knot tying. Because it is compact and lightweight, you can keep it with you and practice whenever convenient.

I’ve been using mine for several years, keeping it in my work bag so I can play with knots during down time. It also means I always have some short lengths of rope to practice new knots when I discover them.

Key advantages:

  • compact, lightweight, can travel with you anywhere
  • contrasting cord colours provide visual confirmation knots correctly tied
  • regular practice ensures knots can be tied in challenging situations

Product information:

  • Weight: 95 grams
  • Material: nylon
  • Dimensions: two 1m lengths
Weight 95 g