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AustriAlpin HMS MINI.MI 2-way autolock


The MINI.MI squeezes the practical benefits of a full-strength HMS carabiner into a compact, light-weight body. It can be partnered with a canyoning descender or used in a range of rigging, ascending, and rescue situations.

The 2-way autolock gate is easy to operate with one hand: simply twist and push the gate to open. Once released it automatically snaps firmly shut.

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The AustriAlpin HMS MINI.MI 2-way autolock is the little sibling of the HMS RONDO, providing similar performance in a more compact, light-weight form.

The fully rounded body allows smooth rope movement, even friction, and prevents the creation of sharp edges, providing a longer lifespan.

The 2-way autolock gate is easy to operate with one hand. Simply twist and push the gate open. Once released, the gate automatically snaps shut for a secure closure.

As well as providing an ideal rigging carabiner that can be used when ascending, hauling, belaying, or rigging more complex drops, it can also be combined with most popular canyoning descenders.

Note: The HMS MINI.MI will fit the following descenders: Critr, Sqwurel, Element, Pivot, Hoodoo, ATS, No.Mad, Hannibal, Hydrobot, Oka and MiniEight.

Key advantages:

  • compact, light-weight version of a HMS carabiner
  • round profile for smooth rope movement and longer lifespan
  • twistlock gate is easy to operate with one hand

Product information:

  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Material: anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 100 mm long, 66 mm wide
  • Gate opening: 22 mm
  • Min. breaking load longitudinal axis: 22kN
  • Min. breaking load minor axis: 10kN
  • Min. breaking load with open gate: 6kN
  • Made in: Austria
  • Standards: EN 12275:2013 (H), EN 362:2004 (B), UIAA 121