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On Rope Canyoneering Groov-E Ghost


The Groov-E Ghost is a fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor system that allows an abseil rope to be retrieved without leaving a sling or other anchor material behind. Trees, rocks, arches, existing anchors and other creative options can all be utilised with this device. It allows canyoners to leave less anchor material in canyons, as well as reducing rope groves on soft rock such as sandstone.

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The Groov-E Ghost allows rigging to be easily retrieved with minimal effort, leaving nothing behind.

Fiddlestick-style retrievable or releasable anchors are a popular tool that allows you to leave no trace in canyons, particularly those in remote or wilderness areas. This approach is often referred to as ghosting. They can also be used to make difficult rope retrievals much easier, or in situations where the optimal pull-down doesn’t follow the abseil line.

Unlike other fiddlestick-style toggles, the Groov-E Ghost features a slight dog bone shape (slightly narrower at the centre). This helps keep the rope centred when loaded, yet still allows quick and easy retrieval with the load removed.

The Groov-E Ghost features two safety holes on each end. This allows the system to be closed using two carabiners or a quickdraw, preventing any possibility of accidental release for everyone except the last person down.

In sensitive areas with soft rock such as sandstone, the Groov-E Ghost can be utilized to help prevent rope grooves that can scar the canyon. It can also serve as a leave no trace anchor.

Each Groov-E Ghost is marked with a unique serial number to help aid traceability/inspection reports throughout its life.

Key advantages:

  • anchors can be set well back from an edge, or even around a corner
  • abseils can be completed with half as much rope as traditional techniques
  • natural formations like arches and chockstones can be used as abseil anchors
  • anchor building materials like slings and maillons do not need to be left behind
  • prevents damage to rocks, trees, and other natural anchors from rope wear
  • less time and effort to retrieve, as the abseil rope doesn’t need to be pulled through the anchor
  • allows you to leave no trace in wilderness areas

Product information:

  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 195mm long / 30mm wide
  • Breaking strength: 8.7kN (3Sigma at centre)
  • Made in: United States

Using the Groov-E Ghost: General Rigging and Use PDF

WARNING: As with any ropework, incorrect rigging can result in catastrophic failure, leading to injury or death. The Groov-E Ghost requires advanced skills, judgement, and attention to detail with every use. Prior to use in a canyon environment ensure you carefully read the instruction manual and practice using the Groov-E Ghost in a safe environment.