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Fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor kit


This kit provides everything you need to start using a fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor system. It makes rope retrieval easier, reduces how much rope is needed, allows creative anchor solutions, and avoids leaving slings or anchor material behind.

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When abseiling, anchor materials such as slings / tape, quicklinks / maillons, or other items are usually left behind. Without these sacrificial items, most natural anchors are too high friction to allow a traditional rope retrieval.

A fiddlestick-style retrievable anchor system requires less rope for an abseil, makes the pull down much easier, and allows canyoners to leave nothing behind.

Using this technique, anchors can be set back from an edge or even around a corner, natural formations like arches and chockstones can be used as abseil anchors, rope wear is almost entirely removed (preventing damage to rocks, trees, and other natural anchors), and time is saved because the abseil rope doesn’t need to be pulled through the anchor.

This kit provides everything you need to start using this technique. It includes:

Marlow D12 SK99 is a 12-strand single braid rope manufactured from the highest grade of Dyneema available, resulting in an unmatched strength to weight ratio.

The addition of the ArmourCoat polyurethane coating substantially increases abrasion resistance and improves grip. During manufacture, this rope undergoes pre-stretching and heat-setting, which makes it stronger, removes stretch, and results in a firmer rope that is less prone to tangling.

When using a fiddlestick-style toggle, the end of the pull cord closest to the anchor suffers the majority of the wear and tear as it runs over abrasive rocks and sharp edges. The pull cord extender is a sacrificial tool that takes this abuse, protecting your main pull cord so it doesn’t need replacing or end up being cut shorter.

The use of locked eye splices for all connections ensures they are secure, low profile, won’t slip under load, and avoid potential snags.

The pull cord bag is handmade in the Blue Mountains by T2 (who runs this site). The flared shape, reinforced edges, and rugged mesh sides all work together to ensure the bag stands upright for easy stuffing.

Product information:

  • Weight: 640 grams
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, Dyneema SK99, 1000D Cordura nylon fabric / rugged mesh
  • Dimensions: 220mm height, 160mm width, 85mm depth
  • Made in: USA, UK and Australia
Weight 658 g

Any colour is fine, Blue, Red