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Canyon Gear fiddlestick pull cord bag


This compact bag makes using thin fiddlestick pullcords a breeze.

The unique design features a flared, wide-mouth opening, along with a throat and handles that fold neatly out of the way, allowing your pullcord to be coiled and stuffed quickly and efficiently.

Advanced technical fabrics deliver a rugged, hard-wearing pull cord bag that can be easily deployed by throwing down long drops or hanging from your harness.

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Handmade in the Blue Mountains and designed specifically for Australian canyon conditions, no other fiddlestick pull cord bag is easier to stuff or deploy.

Featuring a wide-opening mouth, a flared shape, a throat that is folded down over the body during stuffing, and downward facing handles, there is nothing to get in the way while coiling your pull cord.

The handles allow the pull cord to be easily deployed by accurately throwing the bag down-canyon, or by hanging it on your harness while abseiling.

Advanced materials deliver a tough, hard-wearing bag, with a reinforced base and rugged vinyl mesh side panels for drainage. A small floatation panel prevents the bag from sinking when empty (when full, the Dyneema pull cord keeps the bag afloat).

The adjustable cord lock on the throat allows it to be fully opened for stuffing, partially closed for deployment, or fully shut when not in use to prevent the fiddlestick or pull cord coming loose.

Key features:

  • free-standing, wide-mouth design makes coiling pull cord easy
  • hanging loops / handles for easy deployment
  • flotation panel prevents bag sinking when empty
  • heavy-duty mesh sides provide drainage

Weight, dimensions and capacity:

Small bag:

  • Capacity: 45m of 3.5mm pull cord or 70m of 3mm pull cord
  • Dimensions: 180mm high, 180mm wide, 75mm deep
  • Weight: 89g

Large bag:

  • Capacity: 75m of 3.5mm pull cord or 110m of 3mm pull cord
  • Dimensions: 210mm high, 190mm wide, 105mm deep
  • Weight: 104g

Note on capacity: Dyneema / UHMWPE pull cords can vary in diametre from the manufacturers advertised size. Many that are sold as 3mm are actually closer to 3.5mm, which makes them take up substantially more space. The Marlow Dyneema pull cords are true to their quoted dimensions and will fit as listed above. The Samson Amsteel-Blue is actually thicker than the stated size, and should be treated as a 3.5mm cord when working out how much will fit in these bags.


The body is made from ECOPAK EPX200, a durable ripstop laminate made from 100% recycled polyester fibre and film. Not only does each metre of fabric contain more than 20 recycled plastic water bottles, it lasts longer, absorbs less moisture, and has better UV resistance and colour retention than traditional pack fabrics.

The base is reinforced with a protective panel made from ULTRA 800. This fabric combines UHMWPE (the same material as Dyneema) with high-tenacity polyester to produce one of the highest performing technical fabrics on earth. With extreme strength, exceptional abrasion resistance, and a tight weave to keep out dirt and grit, this lightweight material can handle the harshest environments.

The sides are made from SuperScreen 134, a high-strength PVC coated polyester mesh. With very high UV resistance, it is designed for high-strength applications.