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End-of-spool: Cousin Trestec Equinoxe 6mm Polyester cord (3 metres, white/blue)


Save 15% with this end-of-spool length.

A 100% polyester accessory cord that is stronger, more abrasion resistant, and absorbs less water than traditional nylon accessory cords.

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Cousin Trestec Equinoxe is constructed from 100% Polyester (32 plait braided cover, 3 strand twisted core), resulting in a truly static accessory cord.

Unlike traditional Nylon accessory cord, polyester absorbs less water, doesn’t lose strength when wet, and is naturally static. It is also¬†naturally resistant to degradation caused by water and UV exposure.

Key advantages:

  • good abrasion and cut resistance
  • stronger than nylon accessory cord
  • absorbs less water and retains full strength when wet

Product information:

  • Weight: 31.8 grams per metre
  • Materials: 100% polyester sheath and core
  • Breaking strength: 1,200kgs
  • Dimensions: 6mm diametre
  • Made in: France