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Dyneema pull cord extender (5 metres)


When using Dyneema pull cords, the end closest to the fiddlestick-style toggle suffers the most wear and tear from abrasion and sharp edges. The pull cord extender takes this abuse, extending the life of your main cord, saving you money and avoiding waste.

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The Dyneema pull cord extender is a five metre length of 3.5mm Marlow D12 SK99, terminated at each end with a Locked Brummel Eye Splice.

Made from the highest grade of Dyneema, which has undergone pre-stretching, heat-setting and been protected with a specialised polyurethane coating, this pull cord extender delivers unmatched strength and abrasion resistance.

When using a fiddlestick-style toggle, the end of the pull cord closest to the anchor suffers the majority of the wear and tear as it runs over abrasive rocks and sharp edges. The pull cord extender is a sacrificial tool that takes this abuse, protecting your main pull cord so it doesn’t need replacing or end up being cut shorter.

The use of eye splices retains close to 100 per cent of rope strength, while ensuring the joins have the minimum profile to avoid potential snags.

Simply girth hitch the Dyneema pull cord extender to your main pull cord at one end, and your fiddlestick-style toggle at the other end.

Key advantages:

  • protects Dyneema pull cord from wear and tear, saving money and reducing waste
  • locked eye splices provide strong, secure attachments that avoid snags
  • made from the highest grade of Dyneema for unmatched strength and abrasion resistance

Product information:

  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Materials: Dyneema SK99 with ArmourCoat polyurethane coating
  • Minimum breakload: 1,500kgs
  • Dimensions: 5m long, 3.5mm diametre