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CurTec waterproof Canyon Keg (Darren Drum)


Waterproof Canyon Kegs are an excellent way to protect and store essential items like first aid kits, food, spare clothes, emergency beacons, and anything else you want to keep safe and dry.

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Popularised by canyoners and cavers in Europe, CurTec waterproof drums are exceptional at keeping your gear dry, while also offering protection from impacts, punctures and crushing.

Known by a range of names these food-safe polyethylene containers use a rubber gasket (o-ring) in the lid to ensure they remain waterproof, even when fully submerged.

The handles on the screw lid make it easy to close, even after years of use, with small holes in the lid and body allowing the use of a cord to secure them when used in whitewater settings.

Available in two sizes, 3.6 and 6 litres, they are an ideal place to stash food, first aid gear, clothing, emergency beacons, cameras, radios, or any other item that you want keep dry and protected, especially in more aquatic canyons.

Key advantages:

  • rubber gasket makes it fully waterproof
  • provides protection from impacts and crushing
  • easy to open and close, even after years of use
  • food-safe polyethylene container

Product details: 3.6 litre

  • External dimensions: 198 mm diametre, 171 mm tall
  • Opening diametre: 136 mm
  • Internal depth: 150 mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Made in: Netherlands

Product details: 6 litre

  • External dimensions: 198 mm diametre, 263 mm tall
  • Opening diametre: 136 mm
  • Internal depth: 240 mm
  • Weight: 425g
  • Made in: Netherlands

Usage tips:

Don’t overfill: Over-stuffing the keg can prevent the lid from fully closing, causing the seal to fail.

Check the seal: Ensure cord, clothing or other items don’t hang over the lip, which can prevent the gasket from forming a seal on the body. Remove any dirt or grit from the rubber o-ring.

Protect loose items: Loose items can bounce around inside the keg. Wrap fragile items in your spare dry clothing.

Don’t throw onto hard surfaces: Canyon Kegs are tough, but not unbreakable. A direct impact, particularly on the lid, can cause damage.

Regularly check lid: Inspect the lid from time to time, especially the centre, and replace if a crack begins to form.

Duct tape: Many canyoners wrap some heavy-duty tape around the body of the keg, providing a handy supply for temporary gear repairs.

Attachments: Small holes in the lid handles and keg body provide attachment points for thin cord (maximum 3mm diametre, although 2.5mm works best). This prevents the lid from being lost if dropped.