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CRKT Bear Claw E.R. emergency knife


An emergency rescue knife designed to be carried on your harness or pack, the CRKT Bear Claw is ideally suited to aquatic canyons. Quick to deploy and capable of cutting rope or webbing like a razor, the unique finger hole allows it to act like an extension of your hand.

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The CRKT Bear Claw E.R. is a knife designed to be easy to grip, hard to lose, and capable of cutting rope or webbing extremely quickly in an emergency.

A blunt, tear drop tip removes the risk of accidental cutting or penetration, while the unique finger hole delivers fantastic control.

The sheath is designed to attach to a harness or pack, securely holding the knife but allowing it to be deployed quickly and smoothly when needed. This feature makes it ideal for use in aquatic canyons.

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) manufacture the knife from AUS 4 stainless steel, with triple-point serration on a curved blade to concentrate the cutting motion.

The full-tang blade continues through the handle to deliver maximum strength, while the handle and sheath are both made of a tough, hard-wearing, injection-moulded glass-reinforced nylon.

The sheath has a total of seven lanyard holes and belt slots, allowing a wide variety of carry positions, while the included lanyard prevents the knife from being lost if dropped.

Note: Consider combining the Bear Claw with a spring coiled lanyard, which is more compact and less likely to snag than the included length of cord.

Key features:

  • triple-point serrated blade cuts rope or webbing like a razor
  • securely attaches to a pack or harness for immediate access in an emergency
  • blunt tip removes risk of accidental cutting or penetration
  • unique finger hole makes the knife operate as an extension of your hand
  • hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant design, ideal for aquatic canyons

Product information:

  • Blade length: 60mm
  • Knife length: 146mm
  • Knife weight: 96 grams
  • Sheath weight: 31 grams
  • Material: AUS 4 stainless steel blade, glass-reinforced nylon handle and sheath
Weight 180 g

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