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Cousin Trestec Equinoxe 6mm Polyester pull cord (per metre)


A static, compact, lightweight, and abrasion resistant pull cord which can be used with single rope techniques to reduce the amount of abseiling rope needed for multi-pitch canyons.

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Cousin Trestec Equinoxe is a compact, light-weight pull cord that can be utilised to retrieve abseil ropes when using single rope techniques.

The 100% Polyester construction (32 plait braided cover, 3 strand twisted core) results in a truly static pull cord, making it far better for rope retrievals than Nylon cords (which are naturally dynamic, absorb more water, and lose strength when wet).

This pull cord has good abrasion and cut resistance, and is naturally resistant to degradation caused by water and UV exposure.

Key advantages:

  • static cord makes rope retrievals easier
  • good abrasion and cut resistance
  • lightweight and compact
  • can reduce the amount of abseiling rope needed for multi-pitch adventures

Product information:

  • Weight: 31 grams per metre
  • Materials: 100% polyester sheath and core
  • Breaking strength: 1,200kgs
  • Dimensions: 6mm diametre
  • Made in: France

Note: This is a pull cord, not an abseil rope. While it is strong and abrasion resistant, it does not have an adequate safety margin to be used to abseil on. Using thinner pull cords to retrieve abseil ropes (when abseiling using single rope technique) is an advanced skill set that should be practised in a safe environment first.

Weight 31 g

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