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Cousin Trestec Dynalight Pro SK78 3mm Dyneema pull cord (per metre)

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Cousin Trestec Dynalight Pro SK78 is a lightweight, tough, abrasion resistant, floating rope that is exceptionally strong (average breaking strength of 1,100kgs). It is ideal for use as a pull cord with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors.

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Dynalight Pro is a 12-strand single braid rope woven from SK78 Dyneema, perfect for use as a pull cord with fiddlestick-style retrievable anchors.

The addition of a polyurethane coating improves handling and substantially increases abrasion resistance, while warm pre-stretching during manufacture significantly reduces stretch. The result is a pull cord that is stronger and longer-lasting than many of the Dyneema ropes sold elsewhere.

Designed for harsh marine environments, the Dynalight Pro SK78 is ideally suited for use in canyons. It floats, doesn’t shrink when wet, resists degradation caused by UV exposure, has exceptional abrasion and cut resistance, and remains extremely compact and lightweight.

If using as a fiddlestick pull cord, we recommend the additional of a Locked Brummel Eye Splice to one end. This retains almost 100 per cent of rope strength (unlike a knot, which reduces strength and can slip under load) and provides a smoother profile to avoid potential snags.

Note: Cousin Trestec use a precise diametre measurement. The 3mm Dynalight Pro SK78 is thinner and lighter than many 3mm Dyneema ropes, while achieving the same breaking strength.

Key advantages:

  • as strong as steel cable of the same diametre
  • exceptional abrasion resistance
  • floats on water
  • extremely low stretch
  • easy to manage, lightweight, and compact

Product information:

  • Weight: 5 grams per metre
  • Materials: Dyneema SK78 with polyurethane coating
  • Breaking strength: 1,100kgs
  • Dimensions: 3mm diametre
  • Made in: France

Further information:

Dyneema ropes are used extensively in maritime, mining, and defence industries, where the exceptional strength and abrasion resistance have made them an ideal replacement for steel cables.

Cousin Trestec Dynalight Pro is manufactured from SK78 Dyneema (Dyneema is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, UHMWPE), which is more than 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Because this exceptional strength is achieved with much less material than other rope products, Dyneema also delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength.

Note: Thin cord can bite into your hand during a hard pull, so consider wearing gloves or attaching a carabiner to the pull cord with an appropriate hitch when undertaking challenging pull downs. The low friction of Dyneema fibres can cause some types of knots to slip. The low melting point of Dyneema makes it unsuitable to abseil on directly, even in an emergency.

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