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Colan PCA Personal Fire Blanket

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The Colan PCA Personal Fire Blanket provides protection from direct flames and radiant heat, providing a potentially life-saving final line of defence from bushfires.

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The Colan PCA Personal Fire Blanket is designed and manufactured in Australia utilising an advanced synthetic material which is inherently fire retardant and has extremely low thermal conductivity, providing excellent protection from our extreme bushfire conditions.

The blanket will not burn, melt, shrink, or release harmful gases, even when exposed to direct flames, flying embers, and temperatures of up to 350°C.

The PCA Personal Fire Blanket provides a potentially life-saving defence from flames, heat, and embers if trapped by a bushfire, which is why it’s found in NSW Rural Fire Service trucks.

It is recommended that a personal fire blanket be kept in vehicles when travelling in bushfire-prone areas during summer.

Key features:

  • inherently resistant to fire
  • will not melt, drip or shrink due to contact with flames and embers
  • extremely low thermal conductivity provides protection from radiant heat
  • can provide shelter for two adults
  • naturally high UV resistance and inherent antimicrobial properties
  • meets Australian Standard for protective clothing for firefighters

Product information:

  • Weight: 1.9kgs
  • Material: PCA fibre
  • Blanket dimensions: 2m long, 1.8m wide
  • Temperature rating: 350 °C
  • Manufactured in: Australia

Care instructions:

To ensure your Colan PCA Personal Fire Blanket maintains its shape, wash in cool water on a delicate cycle then machine dry on a delicate cycle. It will not lose its inherent fire resistance as a result of washing.

Do NOT dry clean, as chemicals used in dry cleaning can cause shrinkage and may be flammable.

The blanket is designed for limited use and should be replaced if contaminated or damaged in use.

About PCA fibre:

PCA fibre is a newly-developed synthetic polyacrylate that has inherent fire protective characteristics including exceptional high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity.

PCA fibre will not burn, melt, or shrink — even when exposed to direct flames. These protective characteristics, combined with the low toxicity of gases released when exposed to fire, mean it meets the most stringent fire safety standards. Despite its high performance, PCA fibre retains a soft, natural touch.

The fibre’s inherent antimicrobial properties and UV resistance mean this fire blanket can sit in the back of your car for many years without degrading, retaining its usefulness in an emergency.

The below video shows the blanket’s ability to provide protection from serious burns even when impacted by direct flames.

Weight 1950 g