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Canyon Quickdraw


Combine your choice of compact, full-strength locking carabiners with a heavy duty nylon dogbone to produce a rigging tool with a range of uses.

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The canyon quickdraw combines two compact, full-strength locking carabiners with a 22kN rated heavy-duty nylon dogbone.

Choose between screw gate (Ultra Tech HMS Screw), twist lock (Ultra Tech Twist Lock), or triple lock (Ultra Tech HMS Triple Lock).

All options come with rubber retainers on both ends of the dogbone, which hold the carabiners firmly in place to prevent cross loading. The retainers also protect the high wear areas of the dogbone, extending its lifespan, and provide greater rigidity to the quickdraw.

One of the most common uses for a canyon quickdraw is to secure a releasable Figure-8 block to the anchor. This prevents the block from being accidentally released, protects against someone accidentally abseiling on the pull strand, and ensures you won’t drop and lose the Figure-8 while rigging.

Other common uses include as a secure spacer, such as when extending your abseil device to allow for a self belay, as a tool to reach past a block when converting a releasable abseil into a haul, or when knot-passing with a VT Prusik.

Because a canyon quickdraw contains two fully-rated locking carabiners, it also ensures you have additional working carabiners available for complex rigging situations, hauling, or in an emergency.

Key features:

  • essential safety tool when rigging releasable Figure-8 blocks
  • provides a secure spacer for a range of rigging situations
  • utilises two fully-rated locking carabiners
  • rubber retainers prevent cross loading and provide rigidity
  • tough, 22kN-rated dogbone ideal for high-wear canyon use

Product information:

  • Weight: Screw gate – 170g, Twist lock – 152g, Triple lock – 180g
  • Materials: aluminium carabiners, nylon dogbone, rubber retainers
  • Dimensions: 320mm long, 71mm wide
  • Gate opening: 22mm
  • Major axis strength: 22kN (carabiners and dogbone)