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BlueWater VT Prusik


The VT Prusik utilises the heat and cut resistance of Technora to produce a very strong, compact, light-weight, incredibly versatile tool that can be used in countless rigging and rescue scenarios.

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The BlueWater VT Prusik has a myriad of uses, including ascending, passing knots, self-belays, as a progress capture in haul systems, descending loaded ropes, releasing a fixed rope, or simply as a safety lanyard to clip in at the top of a drop.

The Technora sheath has exceptional heat, cut, and abrasion resistance, allowing it to be used in many ways that a traditional prusik simply can’t.

Utilising fully-rated sewn eyes to create an open-end prusik, the VT allows the easy tying of a range of asymmetrical friction hitches. The eye loops are bar tacked with a Technora thread by a large gauge sewing machine to deliver superior strength and durability.

A thinner core than traditional accessory cord allows the prusik knots to flatten out slightly, increasing the surface area in contact with the rope for enhanced holding strength.

The VT Prusik can be utilised to tie a range of friction hitches, including: Valdotain Tresse (VT), Asymmetric Prusik (Schwabisch/Distal), French Prusik, and Symmetric Prusik.

Available in two sizes, the 7mm version is ideal for use with the smaller diameter ropes used by most canyoners, while the 8mm version is ideal for thicker ropes or industrial uses.

Key advantages:

  • Technora sheath provides exceptional heat, cut and abrasion resistance
  • Allows tying of superior asymmetric friction hitches
  • Ideal tool for passing a knot
  • Allows descent on loaded ropes

Product information:

  • End to end rated strength: 7mm – 11.1 kN; 8mm -19.6kN
  • Weight: 7mm – 44g; 8mm – 62g
  • Materials: Technora sheath / Nylon core
  • Length: 84cm
  • Made in: United States