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BlueWater 5.5mm Titan Cord (per metre)


The use of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (the same material as Dyneema) results in an incredibly strong, fully-certified accessory cord that is less than half the weight of comparable products.

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BlueWater 5.5mm Titan Cord uses ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE, which is the same material as Dyneema) to produce an accessory cord that delivers exception strength at a fraction of the weight of comparable products.

With a rated breaking strength of 13.5 kN, the fully-certified Titan Cord has a similar strength to conventional 8mm accessory cord, yet is less than half the weight.

Not only is HMPE exceptionally strong, it doesn’t lose significant strength with repetitive flexing and offers a huge increase in abrasion and cut resistance.

With a Nylon sheath to provide easy handling, Titan Cord is ideal for making prusik loops.

The combination of high strength, low elongation and light weight make it perfectly suited for a range of outdoor applications.

Note: Due to the use of HMPE, a triple fisherman’s knot is recommended for tying Titan Cord into loops.

Key advantages:

  • advanced material delivers exceptional strength
  • cuts down weight and bulk
  • less elongation than conventional accessory cord
  • retains strength when wet

Product information:

  • Rated breaking strength: 13.5 kN
  • Elongation:
    – at 1.33 kN = 2.6%
    – at 2.67 kN = 3.0%
    – at 4.45 kN = 3.6%
  • Weight: 18 grams per metre
  • Dimensions: 5.5mm diametre
  • Material: HMPE core, Nylon sheath
  • Certification: CE and UIAA
  • Made in: United States

Accessory cord use instructions

Declaration of Conformity

Weight 18 g